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March 6, 2023

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here

President's Comments

President-Elect Bryn Jones welcomed everyone to our meeting today, letting us know that President Adrian is off on a well-deserved vacation for a few days.
Louise Gardiner shared with the membership that Vic Folliott has been in intensive care recently but is now doing much better.  Additonal details will be provided when available.

Bell Ringer(s)

Our Bell Ringers this week are Boyd Pendleton and Ed Fowler for their ongoing work with the Youth Exchange program and supporting our new outbound, Serena Gillespie.

Happy Jar

Louise Gardiner is happy to have been able to visit her son and daughter-in-law in Calgary and provide support for the upcoming birth of a grandchild in April!  She was also happy to get in some skiing at Lake Louise on a perfect winter ski day.  She is glad to be home now, even if her luggage is still on vacation somewhere!
Neil Swayze is very happy not to have not perished while shoveling the 1,880 cubic feet (53 cubic metres) of snow in his driveway over the weekend!
Ailton Santana is delighted that the large screen TV we provided for the Better Tent City is now in place and being enjoyed by the folks there.
Boyd Pendleton was pleased to report that our outbound exchange student Serena Gillespie will be traveling to Japan for her year away.
President-Elect Bryn Jones was happy to have been able to attend PETS-2, his second full day of training for his role next year, on Saturday despite the weather, and to be able to spend lunch with our student Serena.
Cheryl Ewing was happy to report that at a recent dance completion in Montreal she placed first in two Tango events and received a third in the Multi-Dance event.  Congratulations, Cheryl!

Club Announcements

Ukrainian Committee
Paul Rostrup reported that our Ukrainian Support Committee is continuing to work with the Waterloo Grassroots Organization and the new refugee facility in Maryhill called Hillside Residence.  Committee members have visited the site.  They indicate that one of the current needs of the folks there is for transportation into and back from the city, primarily for job interviews.  We will be providing $500 in taxi vouchers (and Waterloo Taxi will be adding an additional $75) on a trial basis.
Oksana’s niece will be arriving later this week from the Ukraine and is in need of short term accommodation.  Anyone who may have some space available is asked to contact Paul.
Lumi Mironescu mentioned to the club that she recently had a group of 12 guests at her home, 9 of which were Ukrainian refuges and how important it is to reach out to these folks, to welcome them to our community and provide socializing opportunities, particularly for the teenagers and children.  Anyone who might be able to include some of the Ukrainians in family activities is asked to contact Oksana.
Club Membership Survey
Members are reminded to be sure to complete the survey sent by Erin Way (it will be reissued as well).  The data we collect will be very helpful in making plans for the coming year. Replies are requested by Thursday March 9th. 
50/50 Draw
This 5-club fundraiser with proceeds going to KidsAbility is progressing well, but members are strongly encouraged to help spread the word through social media or other available channels.  Our first draw closes on March 15.  If you are on Instagram, check out the challenge that could get you some extra tickets!
Forever Fund
Louise Gardiner reminded members of our Forever Fund and shared the new logo.  March is a great month to begin giving on a monthly basis as will donate an additional $20 for all those who sign up in the Month of March.
Goto – search for Kitchener Rotary – choose monthly – And give to Your Forever Fund at
Better Tent City Committee
This committee is looking for additional members as it continues to explore new ways we can support the organization.  Volunteers are also needed for cooking, baking or doing some on-site maintenance.  Anyone interested should contact committee chair, Neil Swayze.

Program Highlights

Our program today was an overview of the many International Projects with which our club has been involved past and present, by members Martin Jones, David Martindale, and Cheryl Ewing.
Martin, a past president of the club and current chair of our Rotary African has travelled to Mexico and Kenya in support of some of our projects, started off with some of the background information on international projects.
The Session covered the following:
  • Why International projects are important
  • The importance of Rotary matching grants
  • Some of our past international projects
  • How International projects can happen
  • How to multiply financial support for projects
Rotary: Doing Good In The World
  • The Rotary Foundation helps Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty
  • The Rotary Foundation assists Rotary Clubs to turn project ideas into reality
  • Kitchener Rotary has a long history of International service and have completed many projects around the world
Rotary’s Seven Areas of Focus
  • Basic education and literacy
  • Community economic development
  • Disease prevention and treatment
  • Maternal and child health
  • Peacebuilding and conflict prevention
  • Water, sanitation , and hygiene
  • Environment
Why International Service
  • Much of the world does not enjoy the prosperity we have in North America
  • International projects provide an opportunity for us to help in the world, through the power of Rotary
  • Through International projects, we can…
    • Help someone in a developing country
    • Understand better the challenges that others face
    • Learn about a different culture
    • Explore a new part of the world…virtually, and perhaps in-person!
Matching Grants
  • Available Rotary Matching Grants include…
    • District Grants
    • Global Grants
  • District Grants
    • Administered by our District
    • Smaller value amount (up to $10,000)
  • Global
    • Administered by The Rotary Foundation
    • Can be very large values (10’s or 100’s of Thousands)
Successful Grant Applications
  • Sustainable…includes plans for long-term success after Global Grant funds have been spent
  • Measurable goals
  • Aligns with Rotary’s Areas of Focus
  • Responds to real community needs…a community assessment is one of the first steps
  • Actively involves Rotary and Community members
Countries Where we have been Involved with International Projects
  • Kenya,
  • Guatemala,
  • Tanzania,
  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • Nepal,
  • Uganda,
  • Mexico, and
  • South Africa
David Martindale then provided some examples of projects with which we have been involved.
Dave Martindale has been a member of Kitchener Rotary for 28 years.  Dave taught in Uganda for several years which gave him some great international experience.  Dave chaired the World Service Committee, forerunner of the International Committee, for many years, and has been involved in a wide variety of International projects.  Dave notes that attending the International Conventions in Indianapolis and Chicago were instrumental in developing relationships with Rotarians around the globe.
Project:  Nepal School
  • Completed a Water Supply Facility and a Sanitary Block
The following chart provides a good example of hour funds provided at the club level can be augmented and matched from other sources to provided a much higher total value.
Project:  Matangwe Community Health centre - Location: Matangwe, Kenya
  • New Community Centre was built
Guatemala Literacy Program
(In collaboration with the RC Rochester , Mich.)
  • Provided books for a Literacy program
Project:  Technical Training Institute for Street People - Location:  Sa Jose do Rio Perteo, Brazil
  • A joint project involving:
    • Six Ontario Clubs
    • Seven Taiwan Clubs
    • Eight Brazilian Clubs
    • Rotary Foundation
  • Equipment provided:  US $85,000
  • Rotary Club of Kitchener donated: US $500
  • Computers, drills, compressors, grinders, Printing Presses were provided
  • Project Coordinator was Joao Bartista Queiroz (Father of exchange student Paula Queiroz,  1980-81)
Project:  Community Development Care Centres - Location: KwaZulu, Natal, South Africa
  • These Care Centres provide support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) and their caregivers, in their own community.
  • Over 4200 orphans and vulnerable children are being assisted and fed five days a week, in 32 sites supported by contributions from Canadian Rotarians.
  • A total of 52 CDCC’s are in operation
An off-shoot of this project was the development of a local concrete block Manufacturing facility
  • First year’s production: 52,000      Sold: 51,000
  • Eight men employed
  • Profit covered startup costs
  • Enterprise has helped this CDCC become self-sustaining
Cheryl provided some details on two of our current projects in Mexico.  Cheryl Ewing is the Chair of the International Committee, and a Past President of our Club.  She has chaired, and is currently co-chair, of the Nogales initiative since its inception 20 years ago. Cheryl notes that her first international Rotary trip to Nogales helped her to really understand the power of Rotary. 
Project:  Shoeboxes and Beyond - Location: Nogales, Mexico
  • Kitchener Rotary has been involved with the Nogales initiative for almost 20 years
  • The project started with providing shoeboxes for kids packed with pencils, activity books, small gifts, hats and mittens, and some clothing, and has evolved to include providing food, blankets, and winter coats for the migrant population in Nogales
  • The project also expanded to include many other things including:
    • Providing support for the local Bomberos (fire fighters)
    • Providing supplies and equipment for the local Bomberos (Fire fighters)
    • Providing kitchen equipment for local community centers
    • Providing access to safe drinking water for two schools (District grant)
    • The winter coat project was a pilot supported by a District grant
Project:  Caborca Hospital Cafeteria - Location: Caborca, Mexico
  • District 7080 Clubs funded $10K USD purchase of cafeteria equipment.
  • 7 clubs coordinated by Kitchener.
  • Cafeteria provides subsidized or free food for impoverished villagers attending hospital
  • Caborca Rotary Club funds staff and arranges for donations of supplies.
International Projects - the Future…
  • Key things we have learned…
    • We all contribute to The Rotary Foundation…making use of District and Global grants is a way to have a hand in using the funds in the Foundation
    • Personal international connections are very important in initiating international projects
    • Relationships developed with international partners are really important to ensure successful projects
    • Repeat projects help to develop long term relationships
    • Hands-on visits to the projects bring them to life
    • Having a Club Champion is essential for our international projects to succeed
  • So, use what we have learned, to seek out and undertake new international projects
  • It’s worth it!

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Members are reminded to watch for the registration for our next meeting, in-person at Charcoals on March 13, 2023
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