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April 20, 2020

Happy Jar

Carl Zehr and wife Sandy, although somewhat saddened to see the amount of erosion occurring,  were still very happy to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature along the Grand River on one of their recent walks.
Louise Gardiner is very happy that Belgian Nursery is offering online ordering with curb side pick up and that her garden is now looking just delightful with pansies and other spring flowers.
Paul Rostrup was very happy to have been able to participate in a Dine-A-Round - virtual style, this past weekend along with Karen and Warren Redman, Judy and Bill Proctor and Linda Kenny and Jim Brown who came up with the idea.  We all shared recipes for what we would have provided and each of us made them except that Paul , in charge of desserts, pick up delicious pies from Sweat and Savoury and porch dropped them at each house.  An added treat was that "host" Linda and Jim also porch dropped a bottle of wine for each couple.  Dinner was had while couples "visited" over ZOOM. 
Martin Jones was very pleased to have been in communication with some of our RAWEF ladies, re reports: 
Over the last while, I have been receiving a number of emails from our RAWEF students in Kenya. They are in a somewhat similar situation to us related to COVID lock-down, in that the Universities in Kenya are all closed and the students have been sent home. They are all now at home with their families. Life in rural Kenya is quite a bit different than in Canada though, and I was recently sent a video of hand washing - Kenya style...a plastic jug hooked up with some rope and sticks to use as a foot pedal....way more difficult than here in Canada! It's also hard to know where the water comes from. When we were there, we saw lots of water being scooped up from nearby ditches.
One of the messages I received was from RAWEF student Linda Oruma. She has now graduated from Moi University School of Medicine with a bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery and has just received a one-year internship posting as a Medical Officer in Busia County in Kenya. RAWEF has funded her education since 2012.
She sent some pictures of her and her friends at their Hippocratic Oath Ceremony...she looked very happy! Pretty cool to see the impact of our RAWEF support!


Bell Ringer(s)

For her outstanding work and leadership throughout this COVID-19 situation, president Paul named, our very own Karen Redman, Regional chair, as Bell-Ringer for this week.

Club Announcements

During this time of virtual meetings, members wishing to make birthday donations can either send a cheque to Ray Taylor or an email to Dave Chatson to have it added to your regular statement.
President Paul let members know that our Foodbank Fundraiser is going well with over $2,500 in donations so far and with matching funds increased now to $3,000 from the club and a generous supporter, we have the potential to reach over $6,000.  All members are asked to consider participating if they have not already done so.
President Paul also reported that planning for a cluster Catch The Ace Fundraiser is continuing.
All members are asked to note that the District Conference has been reschedule to October 3rd and to consider attending.  Registration can be done through the District Website.
Our annual spring clean up of the Dom Cadillo trail is scheduled for next week.  However, with the current COVID-19 restrictions in place we will be doing this in a different manner.  All members are asked to consider doing a clean up on streets, trails, paths etc. in their own neighbourhoods.  Use your own gloves and garbage bags and either leave the bags in public waste bins on the trails or take them home to go out with the household waste.  A few members will do some litter pick up along the Dom Cardillo Trail.  Everyone participating is asked to take a photo and send it to Louise who will do a PR announcement.  Bill will send out a reminder and details.

Program Highlights

Our guest speaker today was Dave Thomas the Connector Manager for the KW Multicultural Centre.  He was introduced by Hubert Singh.

Dave Thomas helps newcomers build their professional networks through a program called WR Connectors at the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre.

Dave grew up in southern Ontario and studied at the University of Western Ontario, where he attained a BA in political science and MA in journalism. Before starting at the Multicultural Centre in 2017, he worked at The Working Centre for 14 years helping newcomers get established in the workforce, and has been active in many community-building efforts.

Dave has provided us with a summary of his presentation.

KW Connects

The Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre was established in 1967.
We offer a range of services to newcomers, in Settlement, Employment and Interpretation & Translation.
In Employment, our activities include:
1. Pre-employment assessments - an intake process where we learn about the person's work and education experience, job goals, their level of knowledge about the Canadian labour market, etc. We can then direct them to appropriate resources and services.
1. Pre-Employment Program workshops, where we help people to understand job search techniques, resume writing and interview skills, using labour market information, and understanding Canadian workplace culture
3. First Job in Canada - for people with low levels of English. Cover basics like health & safety, WHMIS, cash register training
4. WR Connectors - to help internationally trained professionals to being to build their professional networks. It's based on a model started in Halifax in 2009. It's been introduced in communities across Canada, as well as locations in the US, Sweden and Switzerland.
We know how crucial networking is for career success in Canada. We also know how daunting a prospect that is for newcomers. We help by coaching clients to develop their networking skills and create a networking action plan.
We also introduce them to someone who is well established in their field.
We recruit volunteers from the community - Connectors - people who are well established in their field, willing to share information and offer advice, and make introductions to people in their network.
We match a newcomer - a Connectee - with a Connector in a similar industry.
The Connector is asked to meet with the Connectee for a 30-minute information interview. Under normal circumstances, this meeting would be in-person. Because of current conditions, meetings can happen online.
The Connector introduces the Connectee to up to three individuals in their network - people who are also willing to share some of their time and expertise and contacts.
The Connector and Connectee meet for a follow-up meeting.
A Connector is not expected to offer a job to a Connectee.
We've helped more than 100 people since we launched in late 2017, serving clients from more than two dozen countries, in a wide range of industries and professions.
Are you interested in volunteering? Contact Dave Thomas at or apply online at

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Our next online meeting will be Monday, May 4 with a presentation by Ernie Ginsler and our Peace Committee.
Apr 27, 2020 4:30 PM
Dom Cardillo Trail Spring Clean Up - To Be Confirmed
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May 11, 2020 12:00 PM
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May 18, 2020
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