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March 4, 2019

Happy Jar

Cheryl Ewing, after breaking her wrist and injuring her leg, has returned from a week's steamboat cruise with her parents (ages 91 and 86) on the lower Mississippi.  She was exceptionally pleased with how her parents were accommodated.
Wayne Boehler was happy to have celebrated his 75th birthday.
Paul Rostrup spent Saturday at MDPETS (and learned a lot more about Rotary from his fellow presidents elect), and then topped it off on Sunday by attending a first birthday party for his granddaughter.

Bell Ringer(s)

President Richard named the organizers of last Tuesday's Club Assembly (very ably led by Adrian DeCoo and Paul Rostrup) as this week's bell ringers.

President's Wine Quiz

No new question, but Gary Parker won a bottle of red for January and Ray Taylor won a bottle of white for February.

Club Announcements

Paul Rostrup thanked all participants for attending the Club Assembly last Tuesday.  He noted that a questionnaire would be sent to those who were unable to attend.
The next Assembly (dealing with membership) will take place on Tuesday March 26 - also at the Edelweiss at 6:30.  On-line registration will be sent out.
He also thanked those responding with respect to committee participation.

50/50 Draw

Cheryl Ewing had two cracks and Jimmy Brown (assisted by President Richard) at finding the jack of hearts - but we get to try again next week for the. 

Program Highlights

Cheryl Ewing (with available backup from Frank Oudesluys provided her thoughts on the recent Nogales Shoebox trio.
It the last year there has been changes and uncertainty with respect to the Distribution, with both the lead Arizona Club and the original Nogales Club backing off.  Although they decided to scale down the travelers somewhat, they felt that it was very important that the event continue.  Fortunately a new Nogales Club (Industrial Rotary Club), which consists of about 20 members, of which 8 were former presidents of the other Nogales Club) stepped forward.
The state (with the contribution of about 500 blankets), the City and the Bomberos also stepped forward.

The distribution included over 300 gifts, 283 bags of groceries and about 500 blankets. The Industrial Club determined the amounts and the Canadians provided the funds for the gifts. In addition, the Mexicans have been helping some women who have been feeding about 200 school children 2 or 3 times weekly (depending on resources). The club has arranged for a building for them and our funds purchased 3 stoves, two fridges and a food preparation table.


They had support from the state, municipality, firefighters (Bomberos) and a former State Congresswomen. The Industrial Club purchased the bulk of the groceries. The City made a Girls & Boys Club available for the distribution and contributed groceries. 


An added treat this year was that with the reduction in the numbers attending, they had the opportunity to interact with the kids.  With gifts left over to be used for prizes, they had a number of contests (kick the ball into the net etc.).


The sister of one of the Rotarians baked the traditional Three Kings Day cake to share with the whole group, as well as hot chocolate. Overall the project allowed for greater interaction with those they want to help as well as with their hosts.


Several Rotarians expressed their thanks to both Cheryl and Frank for keeping the project going.


Cheryl encouraged all of us to consider participating in an upcoming trip - just ask her for details.


Closing Remarks & Reminders

Next Monday's speaker will be Andrew Coppolino who will speak on Waterloo Region Eats: where to eat and what to eat … and who’s cooking it. 
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