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July 13, 2020

Meeting Recording

Here is a link to a recording of the July 13th meeting

President's Comments

President Louise reminded members that Howard Pell was selected as the Rotary Star for the month of July and thanked him again for his service to the club.  She also commented that she is pleased to see many of our committees getting underway for the new Rotary year.


John Lomax, Brampton Rotary, Chair of the District CIRCLE Committee; guest speaker.
Graham Gardener, Kitchener Westmount Rotary
Norma Gamble, Passport South Rotary; District Director of Communications

Happy Jar

Our guest speaker John Lomax was happy that he and his wife Marilyn recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Lumi Mironescui is pleased that a recent social media post of hers highlighting Rotary received over 500 views.
Immediate Past Club President Paul Rostrup was very pleased to have a rather relaxing Monday morning without stressing about or scurrying about to prepare for today’s meeting.
Shawky Fahel was pleased that he and his wife, Kathie recently celebrated their 44th anniversary.
Norma Gamble was very happy to be able to join in our meeting today.

Club Announcements

President Louise informed members of some special meetings coming soon.  July 27th will be an evening meeting where she will deliver her Goals and Objectives for the new Rotary Year. August 31st will also be an evening meeting with Chef D as the program giving a live cooking demonstration.  Chef D will not be charging his usual fee for this but we will be collecting $20 from each participant/couple to be donated to a local charity.  And, back by popular demand there will be another club Golf Outing on August 24 – stay tuned for more details.

Program Highlights

Our Guest speaker today was John Lomax, Chair of the District CIRCLE Committee.  John was introduced by Candi Harrington.
John is a career Banker having worked for CIBC (35 years), BDC (1 year) and Scotiabank. (12 years).
He has been a member of the Rotary Club of Brampton since 1985.  During that period, he served in numerous capacities within the club.  He was a member of the Board of Directors for ten years during which time he was Club Treasurer and eventually President in 2000/01.
Subsequently, he joined the District Youth Exchange Committee and was devoted to this for about ten years as Brampton Rep, Vice President/Asia and Committee Chair for three years.
He received the Paul Harris Award and the YMCA Peace Prize for his work in Youth Exchange and his work with ex-convicts and homeless men.  In the latter respect, he was on the Board of Directors of St Leonard’s Place Peel for 25 years.  During that period, he was Treasurer for 10 years and Chair for 10 years.  St Leonard’s Place began its life as a traditional half way house, developing into a community that served and supported men in conflict.  During John’s tenure, he helped others to grow the organization from an 18 bed facility to one that housed over 100 men.
Since he was young he has had a fascination with the amazing people with whom we share this land.
John spoke passionately about his interest in Indigenous peoples and the work of the CIRCLE committee.  CIRCLE stands for: Community Indigenous Resource Committee for Learning and Education.
John began by reminding us that much of the problems faced by indigenous peoples in Canada relate to the operation of the residential schools, initiated by Sir John A. Macdonald who saw their purpose as to “take the Indian out of the child.” This was referred to as the Indian problem. “Indianness” was not to be tolerated; rather it must be eliminated.   John noted that this concept would certainly not pass the Rotary Four Way Test
For six years the Truth and Reconciliation Commission investigated what happened at the residential schools in Canada, which were in operation for well over 100 years; their reports were released in June and December of 2015.  The 94 recommendations in the Calls to Action report establish a plan of action.
Circle Mission
To act as a resource group to clubs in Rotary International District 7080 who:
  1. Wish to enlarge their knowledge about indigenous traditions, culture and protocol; and/or
  2. Seek the opportunity to collaborate with indigenous groups.
Circle Activities
Provide information about Aboriginal issues, events and projects to 7080 clubs via:
  • the CIRCLE website
  • quarterly updates
  • club visits & information session
Recent or Ongoing Projects
  • Burlington North – OneXOne First Nations School Breakfast Program, $12,800 raised
  • Guelph – BHENY Better Hearing in Education for Northern Youth
  • Oakville Trafalgar University of Sudbury First Nations Scholarship Program
  • RC Palgrave and Etobicoke – First Nations Hockey Equipment Drive;
  • RC Palgrave and several other groups have joined in a partnership Canada 150 Project with DAREarts First Nations and the Stratford Festival
  • Partnership with Siemens Canada delivering second hand laptops to Indigenous Schools
  • Interact Club of Central Peel Secondary School – 14 day Cultural Exchange with First Nations High School Students
  • RC Palgrave and several other groups have joined in a partnership Canada 150 Project with DAREarts First Nations and the Stratford Festival
  • Partnership with Siemens Canada delivering second hand laptops to Indigenous Schools
  • Interact Club of Central Peel Secondary School – 14 day Cultural Exchange with First Nations High School Students
The 7080 CIRCLE Committee has developed a partnership with the HIP (Honouring Indigenous People) organization begun by the Rotary Club of Toronto.
HIP Mission
  • Support education of indigenous people in all its forms
  • Promote understanding and awareness of the culture, history and issues of indigenous people to Rotarians and others
HIP has an interesting structure:
  • Board Members include Rotarians from the West Coast t0 the East
  • 50% of HIP Board members are indigenous, 50% are Rotarians
  • HIP is guided by the Two Row Wampum belt
How You Can Take Action
  • Read the Truth & Reconciliation reports
  • Read the  CIRCLE and HIP websites frequently
  • Name a Club Champion who join the CIRCLE Committee
  • Honour the traditional territories at your meetings
  • Donate to or join HIP
  • Support an existing program
  • Go to an indigenous cultural event.
Sample Area Land Acknowledgment
We begin this event by acknowledging that we are meeting on this beautiful land that we call home.  This has been inhabited by Indigenous peoples from the beginning.  Rotary District 7080 had been occupied for Centuries by many Nations and Tribes of the first peoples.  These were the Anishinaabeg (Ojibway), Huron-Wendat, Haudenosauonee (Iroquois) and the Attawandaron.  These territories are covered by various Upper Canada and Haldimand Treaties signed with the Mississauga's of the New Credit.  We pay tribute to the First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples, as we work to understand their ways and build a partnership that will benefit us all.
How To Contact Us
The 7080-CIRCLE website can be found on through the District website under Committees and Indigenous Resource Committee.
The HIP website can be reached at
John Lomax can be contacted directly at or 647-548-7006

Closing Remarks & Reminders

President Louise reminded members that there is no regular meeting next week but that it is designated as a Committee Meetings week.
Jul 20, 2020 12:00 PM
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Jul 27, 2020 7:00 PM
Rotary Opens Opportunities - RI Start of a New Rotary Year
Aug 03, 2020
Civic Holiday
Aug 10, 2020 12:00 PM
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