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January 8, 2024

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here

President's Comments

President Bryn welcomed all to our meeting today.

Visiting Rotarians

Kaushik, former Rotaract member from India

Bell Ringers

This week’s Bell Ringers are Louise Gardiner and Bill Proctor who attended an online seminar on Saturday morning dealing with the Ontario Non-For-Profit Corporations Act (ONCA) which require organizations such as Rotary to make significant changes to their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.  Louise and Bill will be providing more details on this in the future.

Happy Jar

President Bryn is happy that his two children, active in ski racing have finally been able to get out on the slops at Blue Mountain.
Louise Gardiner is happy that she and Graham got to spend time with their youngest (eight month old) Grandson from Calgary recently and go to see him crawling for the first time.

Club Announcements

A Better Tent City
Our work with A Better Tent City continues.  We will be paying for repairs to their industrial oven.  They are in need of winter clothing (coats, hats, mitts, etc.) as well as dishes (used are fine).  Available items can be brought to our next meeting on January 15 at the Charcoal, or you can contact Neil Swayze directly.  Our April 15 meeting will focus on ABTC.
Coldest Night of The Year
Our team is registered for this community fundraising activity.  Please see recent emails from Mike Harvey for full details. Click here to sign up. 
Youth Exchange
Our current exchange students, Jonas, has moved on to his second host family.  As always members are encouraged to include Jonas in family outings or special events (theatre, skiing trips, sports games, etc.).  Jonas will be with us at our next meeting on January 15 and will welcome invitations, or you can speak with his councillor, Boyd Pendleton.

Program Highlights

Our program today was an update on Your Forever Fund, part of our Kitchener Rotary Club Charitable Foundation (KRCCF).
Ross Newkirk began the presentation with an overview of the KRCCF.
  • It is YOUR OWN CLUB’s FOUNDATION – charitable project and program support decisions are made here by Kitchener Rotary members.
  • Kitchener Rotary established this Foundation 56 years ago to help fund Kitchener Rotary Club’s local and international charitable projects.
What Is It?
  • KRCCF is a formally registered charity that develops, executes and facilitates charitable projects mostly in association with the Rotary Club of Kitchener
  • Because KRCCF is locally controlled, its projects can respond to our own charitable priorities (local, regional or international.)
  • Potential to provide a “fast response to needs.”
  • The KRCCF is managed by your locally elected Board – primarily Kitchener Rotary members.
KRCCF and The Rotary Foundation
Two complimentary but different organizations:
  • Rotary International’s “The Rotary Foundation” (commonly called TRF) is separate and distinct from the KRCCF. It does great work supporting projects around the world.
  • The TRF International Board operates a detailed adjudicated world wide competition between Rotary Clubs. It decides what gets supported on the basis of its assessment of the formal applications and TRF’s current priorities.
  • You are already supporting TRF through your annual club fees! (Every Rotarian, Every Year.)
  • The KRCCF is not a competitor to or replacement of TRF. We would like it to become one of your annual charitable donation priorities so we can support our own locally determined charitable needs.
KRCCF Management
  • KRCCF Board oversees the management and use of its charitable invested funds.
  • It and its standing committees operate in compliance with its formally defined policies:
    • Conflict of Interest Policy
    • Statement of Charitable Purposes
    • Grants Protocol
    • Investment Management Policy
  • On the basis of its Investment Management Committee’s (IMC) review of several investment management firms, the Board retained the services of private wealth management firm RaeLipskie to manage its investments.
  • The IMC has regular access to fund performance information. The Board annually reviews funds performance and authorizes RAWEF operation expenditures.
  • The performance of the investment fund managers is subject to periodic review by the IMC and the Board.
KRCCF Successes
  • KRCCF funding has helped establish & support KidsAbility, the KW Art Gallery, work in Nogales & Caborca Mexico, African and other local projects.
  • Right now most of KRCCF’s annual investment income is dedicated to supporting the great work of the Rotary African Women Education Fund -RAWEF.
The Unrealized Potential
  • Need: Build up invested funds to provide annually guaranteed baseline income for financial support for OUR locally identified charitable priorities.
  • Be able to “fill in the gap” when circumstances restrict our Club’s fundraising success.
  • Encourage charitable giving by providing taxable donation receipts.
  • Reduce some annual fundraising pressure on club members.
Success & Promise
  • The sustained scale of RAWEF success was only possible through Audrey Wipper’s generous bequest and the Foundation’s ability to have a well-managed tax sheltered investment fund.
  • The Promise is to build an income flow from investments to fund the significant annual charitable needs we identify.
  • BUT - We have not yet met the promise by building sufficient other invested funds to permit sustainable support of other charitable activities.
  • A senior Rotary Club such as ours should perhaps have a little more “money in the bank” to really achieve The Promise.
Moving Towards The Promise
  • In 2003, The Rotary club of Kitchener in J B Moore’s presidency donated seed funds to KRCCF to set up a new general purpose “Permanent (Endowment) Fund” to eventually meet The Promise.
  • Over subsequent years, largely through “Birthday," memorial, and other occasional donations the Permanent Fund grew slowly.
  • The impact of COVID on fundraising and the more challenging context of today’s charitable fundraising led the KRCCF Board to identify a heightened priority to build this general purpose endowment fund.
  • To provide clarity it renamed it “Your Forever Fund” and established a campaign committee to Achieve the Promise. (Chaired by Louise Gardiner.)
Martin Jones then provided an overview and update of our Rotary African Women’s Education Fund (RAWEF)
What is RAWEF?
  • Rotary African Women’s Education Fund
  • The Fund is administered through the Kitchener Rotary Club Charitable Foundation (KRCCF)
  • The Fund is used to provide bursaries for selected women in East Africa to attend university
  • The students are generally quite poor and without these bursaries, would not attend university
  • Currently, we are supporting students in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania
How Did RAWEF Happen?
  • Initiated in 2009
  • Key people from:
  • Rotary Club of Kitchener – Dave Martindale, Ray Taylor
  • Rotary Club of Kitchener-Conestoga – Bill Carter
  • Centre for International Governance – Irene Sage, John English
  • Knowledge, interest and experience in Africa
  • Incredible generosity of Kitchener Rotary member Audrey Wipper – initial
  • donation of $500K; plus balance of her estate…now around $1.35M
RAWEF Management
  • RAWEF partners with 4 agencies
  • Beautiful World Canada (Kampala, Uganda)
  • Caring Partners Global (Matangwe, Kenya)
  • School Sisters of Notre Dame (Nyalienga, Kenya)
  • Rotary Club of Usa River/Jifundishe (Arusha, Tanzania)
  • Agencies provide applications from potential candidates
  • The RAWEF Committee reviews and recommends students to be awarded bursaries, monitors our overall budget
  • The RAWEF Committee also maintains contact with the agencies, students, monitors their progress
RAWEF Impact So Far: 2010-2023
  • 119 students funded to date
  • 70 university graduates
  • 43 students in progress
  • 11 new students approved in 2023
  • Student funding in 2023: $73,500
  • Students are in a wide variety of programs including Science, Business, Education, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Agribusiness, Animal Science, Law, Medicine
Louise concluded the session providing additional details on Your Forever Found
Statement of Purpose
  • Raise $20,000+ to bring the fund to $100,000 and beyond
  • Continue the giving year over year to grow the fund allowing for ongoing community support
  • The emphasis is on ongoing monthly and/or annual giving
  • Distribution by KRCCF of 2.5% annually ($2000 on our $80K balance)
  • Future focus on local and international projects that require acute and/or critical funding
  • One-time funding opportunities for projects with organizations with which we have an ongoing relationship
  • Building Your Forever Fund gives us the ability to respond quickly  to support local and international needs that follow Rotary International’s 7 Areas of Focus
How Funds are Raised
Member Annual Giving Opportunities
The Annual Giving Donor Pledge Cards were mailed directly to member’s homes along with a letter from the Committee and Board Chairs – available from Louise Gardiner
  • An annual donation by:
    •   Cheque payable to Kitchener Rotary Club Charitable Foundation   and mailed to KidsAbility or given to Treasurer Ray
    •   E-transfer to
    •   Credit card through
Member Donations
  • Small $5-$10 donations make a difference especially if on a monthly basis!
  • Birthday money directed to YFF annually or monthly
  • Memorials & Remembrances for family and loved ones
  • Special Occasion to celebrate successes
  • Bequest in your will
Non-Member Donations
  • Corporate
  • Individual
  • For a special cause
How Do We Distribute Funds
Community Initiatives could include:
  • A Better Tent City
  • Indigenous Community – Aunties & Uncles, Family & Children’s Services
  • Support for the Ukraine
  • Kitchener Waterloo Humane Society – building expansion
  • House of Friendship – including the Women’s Addiction Centre
  • Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery
  • KidsAbility
  • Nutrition for Learning
  • Toasty Toes
International Projects could include:
  • Nogales and Caborca projects (specific funding requests)
  • RAWEF (specific funding requests)
  • Support for victims of various international disasters – ( hurricanes, earthquakes, , floods, tsunamis, fires, droughts) responding to coordinated Rotary International campaigns or through other relief organizations such as Shelter Box
  • Peace initiatives
YFF 2023 Donations are at $81,000
  • 2.5% = $2000 available to distribute
  • Member Survey to follow - it’s all of our decision!
Why Give?
  • Donate to those that have the same values as you
  • 100% of the money is used for Kitchener Rotary charities
  • Annual tax receipts
  • $5 monthly makes a difference
  • Larger donations are truly appreciated
  • Recognition pins for accumulations of $500 – wear it proudly!
  • The Victoria Park Band Stand will be completed in 2024 – time for something new
  • This is only the beginning…..with a larger fund comes larger donations!
  • YFF is your favourite charity!

Closing Remarks & Reminders

The next meeting is in person at Charcoals on Monday Jan 15th. Watch for the sign-up details and check the new menu options. 
Upcoming Speakers
Jan 08, 2024 12:00 PM
Jan 15, 2024 12:00 PM
Speakers Robin Stanton - Emerging Economic & Financial Realities
Jan 22, 2024
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Jan 29, 2024 6:30 PM
Trevor Eaton will host our tour at GRH
Feb 01, 2024 9:00 AM
5 Club event hosted by Ron Levene
Feb 05, 2024 12:00 PM
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