Rotary Club of Kitchener


July 27, 2020

Meeting Recording

Our meeting today can be viewed via this link:
The PowerPoint shown by President Louise is also available on the club website under Member Documents –> President Louise folder.

President's Comments

President Louise extended congratulations to Jim Brown who received his first Paul Harris Fellowship at a club social event on the weekend.  His wife Linda made the contribution to his Paul Harris account to bring it up to the $1,000 (US) level which generated the award for Jim and presented it to him as a birthday gift.
President Louise was also able to present Howard Pell with his Rotary Star of the month pin at the same event.
The above event was the first of our club Dine-A-Round events for this year. It was a BBQ with social distancing in place.  The next will be a Pot Luck on October 24 and members are asked to sign up when the notice comes out in mid to late September.
President Louise reminded members of our Member and Friends Golf Outing scheduled for August 24.  The invitation has been sent out and members are asked to register or decline to indicate if they are interested or not.


Kingsley Madu, from the Toastmasters Club and a potential member, a guest of Paul Rostrup
Visiting Rotarians
Elena Shpinel, from the Rotary Club of Moscow International

Bell Ringer(s)

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Happy Jar

Ernie Ginsler was most happy to see his youngest grandson turn 1 year old and is awe of the changes that occur in a child’s first year.
Shawky Fahel has mixed feelings as his son has decide to cancel his wedding that this coming weekend and has rescheduled it for July 31, 2021.
Martin Jones is happy with recent developments in the RAWEF project.  After much effort we are now in contact with Rotarians in Kenya and Uganda who are doing the-the-ground-work related to the project in these countries to ensure that they are able to carry on.  The universities in Africa will be back in operation in the fall and we have nine new candidates who have been recommended for support.
Adrian DeCoo was happy to let us know that he and his wife Cathie will be celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary this coming Wednesday.
Jim Brown is absolutely delighted that, for the first time in many years, Liverpool won the English Premier League.  He is also very happy to have received his Paul Harris pin and to celebrate his birthday.
Elena Shpinel is quite happy that a Global Project with which she is involved in Russia (the only one approved to date) is now active and providing support to hospitals to deal with the COVID-19 issue.

Club Announcements

The Finance Committee will be providing the opportunity for members to pay their dues on a monthly basis through an automatic credit card withdrawal.  The information and application for Monthly billing is in Member Documents -> Financial Services folder.
President Louise thanked the several club members who participated in a recent district training session on Facebook led by District Communications Director, Dan Dubreuil. 
President Louise was also pleased to read several letters of thank you recently received:
Ihsan Kannan, Chairman of the International Route at the Rotary Club Stella Maris in Haifa Israel is delighted to inform us that their club dedicated their international greetings to our club at their July 9th meeting.
Lisa Talbot, Executive Director KidsAbility Foundation and Linda Kenny CEO, of KidsAbility Centre for Children send their thank you and appreciate being the beneficiary of our fundraising efforts.
Kim Bardwell, Director, Arts Advancement University of Waterloo send a letter of thank you for our support of the UWaterloo Rotary Peace Scholarships program and provided a Stewardship Impact Report. This has been posted in the member section of Club Runner under Documents – Peace Building.
Wendi Campbell, CEO The Food Bank of Waterloo Region thanks us for our special gift that has made a difference to countless families, children, seniors and individuals in our community who are relying on The Food Bank’s services during the COVID-19 crisis.
Toby Harris, CEO of Traverse Independence thanks us for our generous donation of $400 to Traverse Independence. Your thoughtful contribution enabled them to provide a healthy lunch package to the frontline staffers who have been supporting their clients through the pandemic.

Program Highlights

Our program todays was President Louise’s Look at the year ahead.
She began by referring to the RI President’s Theme for the year – Rotary Opens Opportunities.
Goals Plans / Objectives for the Year
Board of Directors (12 X per year)
Committees meet monthly, make decisions and provide a board report.  The Board of Directors review the reports and vote on major items & budget changes. Financials will be reviewed quarterly.
Membership (+/- 0)
Zero-member growth projected for 20-21 with a focus on retention and growing our corporate and friends & family database. Outstanding speakers, social events and volunteering opportunities are key.
Fundraising ($60,000)
Continuing with our existing major fundraisers: Car Draw, In Vino, Online Auction. New Catch the Ace & Online Car Draw will be a focus this year.
Financial Planning
Maintaining stable cash flow and a positive P&L.  Cautious donation spend in 20-21 to support 21-22 during Covid-19 times.  Monthly credit card billing, meal credit subsidy review and donation policies with a focus on club member understanding of how RCK and KRCCF raise and spend funds.  Correction: during her presentation President Louise indicated that our current club equity is $80K, this should have been $45K.
RI Areas of Focus (7)
Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution – Disease Prevention and Treatment – Water and Sanitation – Maternal and Child Health – Basic Education and Literacy – Economic and Community Development – Supporting the Environment
Board of Directors - Executive
Louise Gardiner – President
Paul Rostrup – Past President
  • Member Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media
  • Catch The Ace
Adrian DeCoo – President Elect
  • Member Development
  • Networking
  • Strategic Planning
Board of Directors - Administration
Louise Gardiner – President
Ray Taylor – Treasurer
  • Mike Pollard – Co-Chair Financial Services
  • Treasurer Kitchener Rotary Club C Foundation (Ross Newkirk Chair)
Bill Proctor – Secretary
  • 100th Anniversary Committee
  • Neil Swayze - Co-Chair Meeting and Membership Services
Club Fundraising
Louise Gardiner – President
Adrian DeCoo – Car Draw Review
Dave Chatson - Director Fundraising / Co-Chair Car Draw
  • Neil Swayze – Chair Online Auction
  • John Webster / Cam Yule – Co-Chairs In Vino Caritas
  • Darren Sweeney – Chair Partnerships
Directors and Committees
Louise Gardiner – President
Hubert Singh – Director of Membership
  • Lumi Mironescu – Chair Friends of Rotary Working Group
  • Hubert Singh – Chair Membership Committee
Cam Yule – Director of Program and Social Events
  • Candi Harrington – Chair Program and Social Events
Ernie Ginsler – Director of International
  • Jess Perucho – Chair World Stage
  • Ernie Ginsler – Chair Peace Building
Bryn Jones – Director of Environment
  • Peter Gray – Chair Environment
Tom Mennill – Director of Children and Youth
  • Ed Fowler – Chair Youth Exchange
  • Rohit Kumar – Chair Community Projects and Grants
  • Tom Mennill – Chair Children and Youth
Howard Pell – Director of Special Projects
  • Cheryl Ewing – Chair Cruising on King Street and New Year’s Eve
  • Jess Perucho – Chair Website Update
  • TBD – Chair – KidsAbility Fun Day
  • Howard Pell – Chair – Regional Luncheon
Membership – Four Key Elements
  1. Retention – Review Monthly and Encourage Participation
  2. Friends of Rotary – Communicate with Local Organizations to Promote Volunteering
  3. Prospects – Review Monthly, Communicate and Invite
  4. Corporate Memberships – Review existing member opportunities and search out new
Fundraising Initiatives
  • Car Draw
  • Online Auction
  • In Vino Caritas
  • Partnerships
  • Catch The Ace
Rotary International Seven Areas of Focus
  • Peace and Conflict Prevention / Resolution
  • Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal and Child Health
  • Basic Education and Literacy
  • Economic and Community Development
  • Supporting the Environment

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Next meeting - August 10th
Jul 27, 2020 7:00 PM
Rotary Opens Opportunities - RI Start of a New Rotary Year
Aug 03, 2020
Civic Holiday
Aug 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Sherry Shannon Vanstone & Sherryl Petrucevic - Waterloo Region Mentoring Circles Program
Aug 17, 2020 12:00 PM
Rotary Membership - RI Membership month
Aug 24, 2020
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
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Birthdays & Membership Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
John Tibbits
July 1
Adrian DeCoo
July 3
Carol Wiebe
July 11
James Brown
July 28
Join Date
David Chatson
July 1, 1996
24 years
Luminita (Lumi) Mironescu
July 1, 2019
1 year
Howard Pell
July 22, 2013
7 years
Raj Saini
July 30, 2007
13 years