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June 1, 2020

Meeting Recording

The full meeting content can been viewed here:

President's Comments

President Paul noted that this was the 26th meeting of the year for the club and we are now in the last month of the Rotary year.  He also reflected on the fact that it was one year ago to the day the he and Paula were in Hamburg, Germany for the 2019 Rotary International convention and just how much the world has changed since then.


Our guests today included our presenters Linda Kenny and Lisa Talbot from KidsAbility and Elena Shpinal from the Rotary Club of Moscow International.

Bell Ringer(s)

The club's 100th Anniversary Committee is well under way to ensure our special centennial year is well planned and in recognition of their efforts President Paul made them this week's Bell Ringers

Happy Jar

Elena Shpinal was happy to remind members that although the RI Convention in Hawaii was cancelled this year due to the pandemic, a virtual replacement has been developed and details can be found on the RI website -
Ernie Ginsler was pleased to announce that our Board has supported and approved a Peace Scholarship application from our area.  An outstanding candidate by the name of Rhonda Belous.

Club Announcements

Secretary Bill reminded member that our next meeting will be on June 15 with guest Mayor Berry Vrbanovic.  This will be a great meeting to which prospective members could be invited.
President Paul let members know that for our next evening Meeting on June 22 the possibility of a golfing outing is being investigated.  More details will follow. 
President-Elect Louise reminded member that our Turnover meeting will be a virtual one at noon on July 6 with some surprises planned!

Program Highlights

Our Guest presenters today were our good friends Linda Kenny and Lisa Talbot from KidsAbility.  Although very well known to both of us Howard Pell did provide a brief introduction for newer members: 
Linda is the proud CEO of KidsAbility, a position she has held since 2013 and Lisa is the Executive Director of KidsAbility Foundation and she is celebrating 20 years with the organization this year. 
Linda began by providing some information about how KidsAbility is responding to the pandemic situation.  Here are some highlights.
COVID-19 Status Update
  • All face to face visits suspended as of March 15, 2020
  • All staff deployed to working from home by March 24, 2020
  • 100% of client serving staff are providing support to clients virtually
  • As announced by the Province, KidsAbility is in the first phase of the Ontario Re-Opening plan
  • We are making plans for gradual and graduated re-entry
Cool Things Are Happening
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Online Arts and Crafts Sessions and Ideas
  • Teen Connection Groups
  • Virtual Physical Therapy
  • Bed Time Story Sessions
KidsAbility was very pleased but somewhat surprised to be included in the First Phase of the governments re-opening program and they are working hard to make sure they do so in the best possible way.  They have developed a two stage approach.
Tier 1 / May 19 to June 30
  • Beginning with Waterloo Site
  • Complete physical overhaul of our buildings to accommodate physical distancing
  • Use of PPE – particular to the job function being performed
  • Prioritized clients – cannot be served by virtual therapy – across all disciplines and many programs
  • Limit to the number of people on site
  • Virtual treatment rooms on site
  • Continued flexibility as staff manage child care needs
Tier 2 / July 1 to September 30
  • Re-opening of additional sites
  • Vast majority of our staff will work at least some of their work on site
  • Majority of face to face visits, clinics and groups will have resumed
  • We will continue to offer a hybrid model of client services
  • Re- admit visitors to our building
Lisa concluded the presentation with an update on the impact the pandemic has had on the fundraising for the organization.
COVID-19 and Fundraising
  • Community is supporting front-line charities as they should
  • Most events planned for spring/summer cancelled including Rotary events
  • Rotary Club of Waterloo’s Golf Fore KidsAbility is going virtual!
  • Receive approx. $160k from Rotary KW, Cambridge, Guelph, Fergus
  • Ideas?

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Members were reminded to invite guests to our next regular meeting on June 15 with Mayor Vrbanovic and to look for more information on our Golf outing on June 22 and the Turnover meeting on July 6.
Jun 08, 2020
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Jun 15, 2020 12:00 PM
Our City in 2020 and Beyond - To Be Confirmed
Jun 22, 2020
Date / Time and Activtity to be Determined
Jun 29, 2020
Canada Day Observance
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