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February 11, 2019

Happy Jar

Howard Pell is very happy that he and Rose were interviewed on CTV in regard to his two books.  The segment was to be shown on the 5:00 news on Monday but a link to the archived interview will be available soon.
Neil Swayze and his wife Donna will be quite pleased to be leaving our winter weather behind on February 20 as they head south to the Dominican Republic.

President's Wine Quiz

Question: How many Rotary Clubs are there world wide (+- 5,000)
Answer:   35,000

Club Announcements

President-Elect Paul Rostrup made three announcements:
First - He reminded members that everyone should have received an email recently in regard to indicating their preference for serving on committees next year and asked that members do reply at their earliest convenience.
Second - Paul reminded members of our upcoming Assembly dealing with Club Structure and informed members of a slight change to the schedule.  The meeting will start at 6:30 with a light dinner (pizza and wings) with the business portion stating at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
Third - Paul was pleased to announced that Louise Gardiner has indicated her interest in serving as our club president for the 2020-2021 Rotary year.

50/50 Draw

Adrian DeCoo did find a Jack but he was not from the Heart!  Nor were Paul Rostrup or John Webster successful in finding the knave so the $698 pot lives on.

Program Highlights

Our program today was a final report on our Online Auction – 2018 fundraiser presented by committee chair Jim Phillips.  Jim began by thanking the committee members: Gary Parker, Bill Proctor, Russ St. Louis, Neil Swayze, Darren Sweeney, and Ray Taylor.
Jim indicated that in many ways our auction was a break out year for us as illustrated in the following charts.
Volume Data Summary
            Num. of     Return on     Num. of      Num. of
            Items        Market         Kitchener    Kitchener
            Sold          Value (%)    Bidders       Sponsors
2018     140              61              103            6+4*
2017      98               63              105              5
2016      85               61               71               5
2015      42               54               15               3
* There were 4 sponsors of $250 plus four donors of over in kind of items over $1,000 that were also posted as sponsors.
The number of products showed a 43% increase over last year and our return on retail value remained high at 61%.
Financial Summary
           Item     Sponsor    Total       Shared     Local      Consignment  Net       %
        Revenue  Revenue  Revenue  Expenses  Expenses     Costs        Profit  Change
2018   16,000    1,500     17,000     (666)       (252)       (3,608)     12,974  +84     
2017     9,995    1,250     11,245    (1,344)     (877)       (1,982)      7,042    (2)
2016     8,236    1,250       9,486    (1,304)     (977)                        7,205  +12     
2015     6,964       750       7,714     (904)       (400)                        6,410
As a result of the increased in the number of items and reduced costs for this year our overall net profit was $12,974, an 84% increase over last year (despite a small drop in the number of bidders).
Jim attributed our success this year to several factors:
  • Dedicated Committee Members
  • Excellent Kitchener Warehouse – Thanks to Al Way!
  •  Promotion of minimum $500 in value from each club member for items and/or sponsors – Reminder emails
  • New approach to sign distribution – Thanks to Hubert & Russ
Jim then the following graph which shows the Value of Items & Sponsors by Number of Member.
Value of Items     Number
& Sponsors              of
Brought In  ($)    Members
          0                  21
      1-499               10
    500-999               7
1,000-1,499             0
1,500-1,999             1
     2,000 +              5
As indicated in the chart 21 out of our 44 members did not contribute any items or arrange for any sponsors.  This represent a significant growth potential for the auction if some or most of these members are able to do so in the future, especially if they bring in the minimum target amount of $500.  The total number of items in the auction from all five clubs was 11,054 of which our 140 is just 12%.  Indicating again that there is room to grow.  The Oakville club had a net profit of over $25,000.
For this fundraiser to grow and reach the potential it has there are some challenges for us for next year:
  • Need for common club approach to sponsor solicitation     for all fundraising activities
  • Increase club member participation (23 in 2018)
  •  Need for co-ordinator / lead of communications and marketing to increase number of items, sponsors and bidders
  • More club volunteers for specific tasks such as data entry
President Richard thanked Jim for the report and for all of the work of the committee.

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Members were reminded that there is no meeting next week due to the Family Day holiday and our next get together will be our Club Assembly on February 26.  Members are asked to register on our website if they have not already done so.
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