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March 11, 2019

Happy Jar

Carl Zehr noted that he missed a recent meeting and the Assembly, because he unfortunately slipped on some steps, and along with a painful landing, managed to break a rib.  He seems to be largely back to normal.
Al Way was pleased to have his daughter Erin attending the meeting with him. She managed to convince him to attend a very full three day session on personal and career development.  Will it pay off?

Bell Ringer(s)

As our vocal skills are questionable at best, our National Anthem was performed by members of the Grand Philharmonic Childrens Choir.
President Richard named Gary Parker as bell ringer for his work on the In Vino Beer Pub Night Fundraiser

President's Wine Quiz

No question today.

Club Announcements

President Elect Paul Rostrup thanked Cheryl Ewing for her efforts in preparing and distributing a questionnaire for members who were unable to attend the recent Club Assembly.  Please complete and return it if you received it.
He also reminded us that the next Club Assembly (dealing with membership) will take place on March 26, also at the Edelweiss Tavern at 6:30.  A sign up has been emailed, so please complete with respect to attendance.
Peter Gray reminded us that we are invited to help out Children's Groundwater Festival serving soup for the 10th annual Soupfest - Just Add Water fundraiser at the Ken Seiling Regional Museum on Friday March 22.  Be there by 11:45.
Cheryl Ewing presented a cheque for $35,000 to Linda Kenny and Lisa Talbot, representing KidsAbility and KidsAbility Foundation, being the proceeds of the 2017 Car Draw.

50/50 Draw

$805 was available for the taking, but Bill Proctor, Neil Swayze and Lew Ford could not locate the elusive jack of hearts.

Program Highlights

Andrew Coppolino was introduced and thanked by Martin Jones. Andrew spoke to us on Waterloo Region Eats - where and what to eat - and who is cooking it.
Andrew is a former KW Record food reviewer, but now a big promoter of the industry in the Region.
He noted that in Canada the food industry employs more than 1 million people, and generates revenues of more than $60 billion.  He noted that for every dollar spent at restaurants, about $1.85 is added to the local economy.
Andrew reviewed some of the history of food in the Region. He noted that while we often think of Waterloo County food (often being German based foods promoted by Edna Staebler), we have a wide diversity of alternatives, brought to us our cultural diversity).
This broad variety of restaurants, pubs etc. plays a significant role in attracting our tech community.
A lot of credit must be given to restaurants with a long history (Charcoal Group that has been here for more than 60 years), Cerny Hospitality, the Fat Sparrow, Lanc Group (the old Lancaster Pub that has evolved into the smoke house), the Ignite Group - among others.
In addition to surviving, many chefs got their start their, and have opened their own restaurants.
In addition to food, we have a large number of local coffee shops, 17 breweries, and 3 distilleries.
However there are a number of threats to the industry.
  • food and labour costs
  • customer expectations of a "cheap" meal
  • third party delivery apps (they demand about 30% of the selling price)
  • changing diets and health concerns (how many dished can be offered)
  • drunk driving issues
For more information, please go Andrew's website at:

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Shirley Madill from the K-W Art Gallery will join us next week.
Mar 11, 2019
Waterloo Region Eats: where to eat and what to eat … and who’s cooking it. 
Mar 18, 2019
K-W Art Gallery
Mar 25, 2019
In Lieu of Club Assembly on Tuesday Evening
Apr 01, 2019
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