Kitchener Rotary


May 30, 2022

President's Comments

President Adrian welcomed everyone to this in-person, off site meeting and expressed appreciation to our host for having us and providing a very special experience.


Daria Sira, Guest of Lumi Mironescu
Oxana Tereshchenko, Guest of Lumi Mironescu
Donna Swayze, Guest of Neil Swayze
Cathie DeCoo, guest of Adrian DeCoo
Ryan Marriott, guest of Emma Marriott
Hana, Maya, and Quesara Charania, guests of Karim S. Karim and Tasreen Charania

Club Announcements

Catch The Ace
How does he do it?  Our weekly winner of Catch the Ace was the familiar Gerald B. of Mississauga. After winning in week 23 and week 24, Gerald B. let a few others win but then was back to win again in week 28.  This week he picked card #8, revealing the 10 of Clubs.  He won the weekly prize of $281.
When you buy tickets you have a chance to win the weekly prize and if your card is the Ace of Spades you will also win the Progressive Prize which is now over $12,000 and growing.  The next weekly draw is on Thursday June 2nd.
The deadline to get your tickets as always is Wednesday at Midnight.  Don't forget that you have to purchase a ticket the week of the draw to qualify for both the weekly and progressive jackpot!
When you play Catch the Ace not only do you have a chance to win great prizes but you also win by knowing that the net proceeds will all be going to KidsAbility
Upcoming Events – Registration Required
On June 6 our regular noon meeting will be at the rare Charitable Resource Reserve where we will enjoy a gourmet boxed lunch, presentation and trail walk.
Details are on our website: Events Calendar –>Events List, or respond to the email invitations that are sent.
On June 27 we will be celebrating our 100th Anniversary with our Official Anniversary Club Meeting.  All members past and present and strongly encouraged to attend.  Full details our on our website: Events Calendar –>Events List,  or you can respond to the email invitations that you receive.
KidsAbility Sensory Garden Maintenance Project
Our next hands-on, community event – our ongoing maintenance of the Sensory Garden at KidsAbility, in collaboration with the other four clubs in KW, is scheduled for Saturday June 18th.  Mark the date and stay tuned for more details.

Special Recognitions / Presentations

We were very pleased to induct three new members today:
Emma Marriott
Emma is passionate about people and her authentic approach fosters deep connections and lasting partnerships.  She is enthusiastic about all things HR and believes talent is key to unlocking and elevating organizational performance.  Emma’s vision is to model the way and foster authentic organizational cultures that support sustained personal and professional growth to elevate performance.  Emma thrives on helping others, paying it forward and going above and beyond in each task to serve clients.  By living true to her values of quality, vulnerability, continuous learning, genuine connections, and mindfulness, she cultivates deep connections and lasting partnerships with those she serves.  Emma is passionate about her wellness journey and is intentional about disconnecting.  She enjoys yoga, running, reading, writing, spending time in nature, and connecting with family and friends.
Simenpal Kainth
Simenpal was born and raised in Brampton, Ontario.  During his time in High School, Simenpal was actively engaged in community programs.  He routinely assisted at the Habitat for Humanity Hardware Store and Seva Food Bank, located in Brampton Ontario.
Thereafter, Simenpal attended Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario to complete his undergraduate studies in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  Young Simenpal had one goal in mind, to move as far away as possible so his parents would let him live on campus for his first year of undergrad.  During his time at Carleton, Simenpal became heavily involved with the Carleton Moot Team, and competed in countless Mooting competitions. During his mooting career, Simenpal was a semi-finalist, a quarter-finalist and was given a distinguished oralist award for his advocacy skills.
Simenpal completed his Juris Doctorate at the University of Windsor.  Thereafter, he completed his articles with Pavey Law in Cambridge, Ontario. During his articles, Simenpal organized two food drives and with help of his soon to be fiancée and was able to donate over 600 pounds of food items to the Cambridge Food Bank.
Currently, Simenpal is an associate at Kraemer LLP. Simenpal practices civil litigation, employment, family, and real estate law.  During his spare time, Simenpal loves to cook, go on long bicycle rides, and enjoy outdoor activities with his friends and family.
Vic Folliott Bio
Born and raised in Richmond Hill, Victor attended York University for geography with intent of being a teacher until the broadcast bug hit him.  He got a Sunday part time job playing religious tapes at CFGM, a country station in Toronto.  That led to on air jobs in Kitchener and Brantford where he met his wife, Cathi!  Shortly after getting married, he got a radio job in Simcoe as Operations manager that ultimately led to a job at a brand new country radio station, BX-93 in London.  Vic put music systems together, hired staff and more.  He lived there five years and then was offered a job to update the sound of Big Country here in Kitchener.  Most recently, Vic was part of a group who got a community radio station licence in Fergus/Elora where they lived for over ten years until moving back to KW about three years ago to be closer to the cancer centre at the Grand River Hospital.  Catherine, his wife of 49 years, lost her 20 year battle with cancer a year ago. They had four kids, three daughters and a son and they now have three grand kids too.
Vic’s volunteered in a number of areas from the Canadian Cancer Society to the United Way, The Community Foundation and was a board member at the Elora Centre for the Arts.  He was a member of the Kitchener Rotary Club when he first moved to KW and was also a member of the Elora Rotary Club. Vic is very excited about re- joining our club now that he’s back living in KW.

Program Highlights

Our meeting today was held at the Region of Waterloo Airport and included a presentation by General Manager Chris Wood and a tour of the newly expanded facility.  The new departure lounge is set to begin serving passengers next Tuesday, June 7 and we were privileged to be the first group to see the new building.
Some interesting facts include:
  • The new departure lounge will have seating for 500 passengers and will be able to service up to four large passenger jets (737’s) at peak times.
  • The lounge will include food services as well as retail shops.
  • There will be 6 departure gates.
  • The current departure lounge will be converted into a new security area with an additional security line (three in total).
  • A new International arrival holding area is being added that will allow passengers to wait inside instead of outside.
  • The new domestic arrival area was completed a few months ago and is being well received by passengers.
  • The airport currently has a staff of about 30 and this is expected to increase to 50 by the end of the year.

Closing Remarks & Reminders

President Adrian reminded members to register for two upcoming events
On June 6 at Noon - A  family friendly meeting at the RARE Slit Barn in Blair followed by a trail walk 
and on 
June 27 - At 11:30, the Official 100th Anniversary Celebration at Golf's Steakhouse. 
Jun 13, 2022 12:00 PM
Jun 20, 2022
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
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