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October 5, 2020

Meeting Recording

Today’s meeting can be viewed at this You Tube link

President's Comments

President Louise announced that her Rotarian Star of the Month for October is Martin Jones in recognition of the work he does with our Rotary African Women’s Education Found (RAWEF).  Our Friends of Rotary group is continuing to grow and is now at 45.  In response to suggestions from members we will be doing another contribution drive for the Food Bank, additional details will be sent by the end of the week.
The House of Friendship has an annual fundraiser known as their Friendship Dinner or Sweet Beginnings and this year will be their 25th anniversary.  Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the event cannot be face-to-face this year but will be online from 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 24.  To register or for more information go to - register here.

Visiting Rotarians

PDG, Lesley Barmania, RC of Mississauga Meadowvale
PDG, Doug Vincent, RC of Oxford
Sajjad Jiwaji, RC of Mississauga West
Rafael Del La Rosa, President, RC of Caborca
Ruben Castro, RC of Caborca
Jim Lilly, RC of Oakville Trafalgar
Paul Walman, RC of Kitchener Grand River
Frank Oudesluys, RC of Guelph South
Elena Shpinel, RC of Moscow International


Judy Lilly, Guest of Hubert Singh
Wanda Evans, Guest of Hubert Singh
Ian Thomas, Guest of Louise Gardiner
Mike Morrice, Guest of Louise Gardiner

Happy Jar

PDG Doug Vincent, was pleased to be able to join us today and visit with friends from Mexico.
Cheryl Ewing is pleased that she will be starting to teach a new Dance Class tomorrow for individuals with mobility issues, some of whom will be in wheelchairs.
Paul Rostrup was pleased to announce that we now have a Canada Helps account that allows members to make direct donations to the Kitchener Rotary Club Charitable Foundation. Members are encouraged to make their Happy Jar donations as in the past using this tool. 
Here is the link at Canada Helps.
President Louise was happy to show off her "Number 99 / Wayne Gretzky” shirt as she is the 99th President of our club.

Club Announcements

President Louise reminded members that October is Economic and Community Development Month.
Development of our new website is continuing and should be online by early December.
Our club will be participating in a video promotional program being organized by the district Public Relations committee – called Rock Stars.  We will be modifying this to make it a focus of our 100th Anniversary.  Members can expect a call from Howard Pell to be invited to be videotaped, each session will only be a few minutes.
Paul Rostrup reminded members of our Catch the Ace Lottery and demonstrated how easy it is to get tickets.  Just click on this link to Catch the Ace - Rotary of KW
Contact Paul if you have any questions.
Neil Swayze provided an update on our Online Auction Fundraiser and members were reminded that we all need to bring in at least $500 in product and/or sponsorships.  Our sign distribution day will be October 24.  In addition to our Sign Blitz it will be an opportunity for members to pick up signs for use at their homes and/or businesses.

Notice of Proposals for Membership

The Board has approved the following two Proposals for Membership in our club, anyone wishing to challenge these proposals must do so in writing to the club Secretary, stating the reason for the challenge, no later than Wednesday, October 14, 2020.
Proposed Member:  Mike Morrice
Proposed By: Paul Rostrup
Address: 107 Cherry Street, Kitchener  N2G 2C9
Type: Regular Member
Classification: Social Entrepreneur / Board Member
Proposed Member:  Mike Ellis
Proposed By: Lumi Mironescu
Address:  426 Northlake Drive, Waterloo,  N2V 1Y7
Type: Corporate Member (Investia Financial with Lumi Mironescu)
Classification:  Personal Investment Advisor

Program Highlights

Our program today was a report on our 2020 Project in Caborca, Mexico presented by Hubert Singh and Ross Newkirk.  Below are the highlights from the PowerPoint presentation.
Who, How Long, What Else?
  • Rotary Club of Caborca: Chartered 1984 with 20+ active and committed members.
  • From District 7080 – participants from 11+ clubs – 7 clubs directly contributed funds to projects.
  • A new activity – just the last 4 years!
    1. 4 Yearly Immunization Visits completed
    2. Hospital Kitchen Equipped
    3. Community Project participation
How Did District 7080 Get Involved?
  • Rotarian connections made through participation in the long running Rotary Nogales, Mx Projects.
  • A Rotary Golf game led to Hubert Singh being asked by Caborcan Rotarians to invite a Canadian team to come and participate in Polio Immunization.
How Do We Get to Caborca?
  • Fly to Tucson, Az. Drive to Nogales, Az., walk across the border to Nogales, Mx. Caborca Rotary friends drive us to Caborca.
Where is Caborca, What is it Like?
  • Located in the Northwest part of Mexico in the Sonoran Desert.
  • Close to the East side of Sea of Cortez.
  • South of an inhospitable portion of the USA/Mexico border.
  • One major city. It’s on road and rail transportation links.
  • Many small poorly resourced rugged villages inhabited by lovely hard working people.
2020 Caborca Polio Immunization
  • 8 of us traveled to Nogales Az McDonalds ready to walk across the border to meet our Caborca Rotary hosts.
  • Each Rotarian Team (4 to 6 people) accompanies a Public Health Nurse to go door-to-door
  • The Nurse updates the records of children’s inoculations as well as Polio serum administered
Rotary Hospital Project
  • District 7080 Club Funded $10K USD purchase of cafeteria equipment.
  • 7 clubs coordinated by Kitchener.
  • Cafeteria provides subsidized or free food for impoverished villagers attending hospital
  • Caborca Rotary Club funds staff and arranges for donations of supplies.
Looking Forward
  • Covid-19 has hobbled projects this year.
  • It’s not clear that a Polio inoculation trip could happen this 2020-21.
  • All the same the Caborca Rotarians are looking for ways to help their community:
    1. Elevated water tanks for rural communities.
    2. Interactive classrooms.
    3. Rescuing schools: child-safe return of students.

Closing Remarks & Reminders

Members are reminded that there is no meeting next week due to Thanksgiving but we will be back online the following Monday, October 19 with updates on our Online Auction and Catch the Ace.  On October 26 we will be conducting our annual Fall Clean Up of the Dom Cardillo Trail.  Members are reminded to check our website for a full list of upcoming meetings and events.
Oct 05, 2020 12:00 PM
Caborca Mexico Project Update
Oct 12, 2020
Thanksgiving Day
Oct 19, 2020 12:00 PM
Updates by Neil Swayze and Paul Rostrup
Oct 24, 2020 9:00 AM
Pick up will be at PSI Data Warehouse Shipping Dock - 975 Bleams Rd, Kitchener N2E 3Z5
Oct 26, 2020 4:00 PM
Dom Cardillo Trail Clean Up - Meet at Stanley Park Mall
Nov 02, 2020 12:00 PM
Conscious and Unconscious Bias with Colleen James
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