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January 4, 2022

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here.

President's Comments

President Adrian welcomed everyone to the meeting wishing all a very happy new year.  He is grateful for all of the work members do on behalf of the club and is very confident that we will meet the challenges of the future.


Josh Bedard, guest of Hubert Singh
Fauzia Mazhar, guest of Ernie Ginsler
Mehreen Shahid, guest of Ernie Ginsler
Asma Alwahah, guest of Shawky Fahel

Bell Ringer(s)

President Adrian thanked the members who helped make our Holiday Social a great success and announced them as Bell Ringers: Louise and her committee for organizing the event, Bill for acting as auctioneer for the pie auction which raised $1,900, and to all of the pie auction contributors.

Happy Jar

Louise Gardiner is very happy that she does not have COVID, even though her daughter-in-law has tested positive and they had to cancel their Christmas family gathering.
Gary Parker is very happy to let members know that his 12 year old grandson’s hockey team is ranked as the number 1 club in both Ontario and Canada and number 2 in the world at their age level.

Club Announcements

Ring in the New Year and make a resolution to try and Catch the Ace! We are into Week # 8 and still no sign of the Ace of Spades. Last week James J. picked card #16 and revealed the 10 of Spades, winning the weekly prize of $252. 
Check on Facebook for the latest updates.  
The progressive jackpot is $9,999, thanks to the support of our prize sponsors, Freure Homes and Polocorp.

Special Recognitions / Presentations

We were very pleased today to induct three new members into the club, regular member Josh Bedard and corporate members Fauzia Mazhar (primary) and Mehreen Shahid (alternate).
Fauzia and Mehreen were sponsored and introduced by Ernie Ginsler.
Mehreen Shahid comes to The Coalition of Muslim Women KW (CMW) team with a background in psychology, journalism, publishing, fundraising, and communications. After moving to Canada in 2011, and owing to life circumstances, she switched careers and entered the field of journalism.
As an immigrant and a woman, Mehreen faced several challenges when making her way through Canadian society. Where dealing with a new culture, new language and new system was exciting, it required an attitude guided by improvisation and quick-thinking.
Work brought her to small-town Orillia in 2015. The move opened up a world of opportunities and a chance for further self-development. As a reporter for the local newspaper, Mehreen was able to experience Canada in a way very few people get to. Her job not only made her a feature at every local event, but the interaction with people also made her feel at home in the community.
Mehreen has worked extensively in the field covering municipal politics. She has interacted with politicians at all levels and understands bureaucracy at the various levels. Mehreen has also worked with several non-profits, helping with communications and fundraising campaigns. She displays a keen interest in projects that address gender diversity, minorities, housing, and climate change.
Mehreen made her move to the K-W area earlier in spring of 2021 and came across the work being done by the CMW. She found that the non-profit's passion matched her own drive to deliver change in the community. Mehreen looks forward to helping create a sustainable financial future for the various programs offered by the coalition by sharing stories of fabulous achievements by staff and stakeholders.
Fauzia Mazhar has 20 years of experience in the local social profit sector, much of it in leadership and management.  In 2010, Fauzia joined hands with a handful of women in KW to start the modest initiative to empower Muslim women to be leaders and change makers, able to address stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslim women through community outreach and bridge-building, which is now known as Coalition of Muslim Women of KW or CMW. CMW has seen exceptional growth under Fauzia’s leadership as its Executive Director in a very short period of time. Fauzia’s competence in turning creative ideas into full-fledged projects, her ability to secure resources for the projects, and her flair in inspiring others to lead are just a few of her gifts that have benefitted CMW.
Josh was sponsored and introduced by Hubert Singh.
Josh Bedard was born and raised in Petrolia, ON. He moved to Kitchener-Waterloo in 2001 to attend the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. While enrolled at the University of Waterloo he participated in several co-op positions across North America and studied in Europe to help cultivate his architectural skills.
He graduated with his Bachelors of Architectural Studies in 2006 and obtained his Master’s of Architecture Degree from the University of Waterloo in 2009. Since graduating he has gone on to become a licensed Architect with the Ontario Association of Architects and is currently the Vice-President of ABA Architects in Waterloo.
Josh, his wife Liane and their two young boys Hayden and Evan have lived in Kitchener since 2009 and are actively involved in the community. Josh has been a volunteer coach and program lead for various youth teams and has been a head coach or program lead for the Kitchener Jr. Ranger Hockey program for the past 5 years.
Aside from practicing architecture and coaching Josh loves to spend time making memories with his family, golfing with friends and exploring the great outdoors on his mountain bike or in his kayak. Josh values community and looks forward to being a Rotarian and developing friendships within the Kitchener Rotary and abroad.


Program Highlights

Our program today was a mid-year review on our strategic plan progress by President Adrian and committee chairs.
In the past 6 months:
  • Changed billings from quarterly to semi annually (members still have the option to make an estimated monthly payment).
  • Reduced some Club expenses in order to attempt a more balanced budget.
In the next six months:   
  • Work to get members more comfortable with the financial workings of the Club (and the Foundation).
  • With corporate memberships etc., and the influx of new members billing has become much more complex.  Plan is to develop a template to deal with some of these issues such as charges for Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY), prorated dues, etc.
Public Relations
In the past six months:   
  • New website and public relations manual launched in 2021. Good response to the website.  
  • Active social media channels building awareness in the community, increasing member participation and supporting membership growth. 
In the next 6 months: 
  • Update website with current content, 100th anniversary and coordination with 5 club marketing committee.
  • Development of "Bite Sized Jobs" List to engage more members in active roles. 
  • We still have some work to do with the goals set out in the plan. One that stands out is the effort to have more members engaged on social media. This is an ongoing initiative and as we build more content there will be more reasons for people to make it part of their routine. 
In the past six months:   
  • Established an effective and hard hitting committee.
  • Retained and grew membership in excess of 10%.
In the next six months:   
  • Continue to retain and grow membership to reflect the demographics and diversity of the community.
  • Craft and execute an effective and all encompassing mentorship program.
In the past six months:   
  • Drafted a Committee Framework document that details the Committee's mandate, linked to the club Strategic Plan and an Action Plan outline.
  • Identified Committee members from within the club and held a meeting to communicate the information in the Framework document.
In the next six months:   
  • Identify champion(s) for each of the Youth activities in which the club is involved.
  • Hold monthly committee meetings to report on the status of the activities and to solicit support and ideas from other Committee members.
In the past six months:   
  • Formed committee and began developing goals.
In the next six months:   
  • Finalize steps / requirements to become a District Peace Club.
  • Develop priorities for next two years.
  • With Cluster, complete revamped Peace Park.
In the past six months:   
  • Focus was on setting up and undertaking the Dom Cardillo trail cleanup – successful event in the spring but fall clean up canceled due to poor weather.
  • Connection has been made with Tova Davidson of Sustainable Waterloo following her talk to the club to discuss ideas for a club project.
In the next six months:   
  • Complete Dom Cardillo Trail clean up.
  • Act on discussion with Tova Davidson re ideas for a club project.
  • Looking at a forum to discuss how we can make Rotary, or our club at least, more carbon neutral. 
Indigenous Relations
In the past six months:   
  • Diane Dance from the Guelph Rotary Club joined us to share her experience with our committee to expanding Reconciliation successfully in her Club. 
  • Tammy Webster, spoke at a regular meeting and provided our club members with an understanding of the purpose of a Land Acknowledgement at the beginning of meetings.  Eric Story, addressed our club in our Remembrance Day Meeting and highlighted the contributions of an Indigenous volunteer Canadian soldier in the First World War. 
  • At the request of our committee, our club donated $1000 from our limited club funds to the Christmas Fund of the Healing of the Seven Generations Indigenous group. In addition, a number of Club members provided additional funds totalling $1000.
In the next six months:
  • Our club, has been offered a training program thorough FACS led by two Indigenous people and two non-Indigenous people.
    • Details have been sent previously, contact Lew if interested.
  • Eric Story’s has offered to speak again on Indigenous issues.  
  • Our committee will do a review and assessment of our progress and identify program for the remainder of the Rotary year.
On-Line Auction
In the past six months:   
  • Successful Auction conducted - surpassed target of $20,000 to $24,141 + $3,500 in sponsorships for a total of $27,541.
  • Target of 100% member participation was not met with only 71% participating this year.
  • Percentage of participating members reaching the target of $500 was 68%, slightly higher than 2020.
In the next six months (and beyond):   
  • All club committee to meet to review operations from this year and suggest improvements for next year.
  • Committee will begin to plan for 2022 Auction in August.
  • Future Goals:
    • Increase target profits by 10% to $30,250.
    • Strive for more member participation and to continue to get strong acceptance of the $500 target by each member.
Car Lottery
In the past six months:   
  • Researched taking our long history of paper ticket Car Draw to an exclusive on line platform.
  • Successfully completed our first on line Car Lottery
In the next six months:   
  • Develop a plan for continuing the online format for the next 3 years.
  • Be ready to conduct our next Car Lottery in 2022.
Community Support Local
In the past six months:   
  • Most hands-on activities are on hold due to COVID.
  • Work on the 5-Club Healing Garden project at KidsAbility commenced.
In the next six months:   
  • State of the Region Address - tentatively scheduled for April.
  • Coldest Night of the Year Fundraiser - February 26.
Community Support International
In the past six months:   
  • Identified lack of clarity regarding committee mandate
    • We have received local funding requests which do not seem to be appropriate to be sent to the International Committee.
  • Initiated discussions regarding the expectation that the Foundation will provide funding for projects such as Caborca and Nogales with the expectation of reporting going to the Club rather than the Foundation.
In the next six months:   
  • Clarify the mandate for the Community Support International Committee.
  • Develop a working structure that supports the donations of funds to international projects through the Foundation.
In the past six months:   
  • Created 18 month calendar with varied and informative meeting programs – combination of in-person (as allowed) and Zoom
  • Focused on . . . 
    • Club Business [RAWEF Uganda – Membership – Car Draw – Online Auction – International Projects]
    • Speaker Series [After Covid Trends – Climate Change and the Environment – Indigenous Peoples Relations]
    • Events & Socials [Vince Scherer Golf Social - Club mixer – Holiday social]
  • Encouraged 5 Club Cluster to initiate multi-club gatherings.
In the next six months:   
  • Include hands-on volunteer and networking opportunities – planned for late spring and beyond due to new Covid Omicron restrictions . . .
    • Club Business [Membership – RAWEF Kenya – Japan Twinning/Youth Exchange – Polio Plus Update]
    • Speaker Series [Rae Lipskie & Assoc. – Paul Martin – Evolv1 Tour - Community Health – Community Real Estate Impacts]
    • Events & Socials - Women in Rotary Breakfast 5 Club Feb 8 – State of the Region (Tentative April 2022) - Rotary ski day Feb 23 (deferred to 2023) – Coldest Night of the Year Walk – Feb 26 – International Women’s Day
  • Survey Members.
  • Educate members on the cell phone calendar sync option.
100th Anniversary
In the past 6 months (and earlier):
  • Meetings to gather input suggestions from members.
  • Developed objectives, timeline, and anniversary logo.
  • Created document outlining support club has provided to the City of Kitchener and beyond for the past 100 years.
  • Began creation of 100th Anniversary Book.
  • Began incorporating anniversary topics in club meetings.
  • Held multiple meetings / discussions with city staff and politicians to establish two anniversary projects. . .
    1. A gift to the city with naming opportunity
    2. The city naming an asset in our honour
Our Commemorative Gift to the City
  • We will provide $100,000 for the refurbishment and enhancement of the Victoria Park Band Stand.
  • Enhancements to improve overall accessibility to the Band Stand.
  • To be named the Rotary Band Stand.
  • Approved by city council on December 13.
  • Fundraising progressing well.
Our Commemorative Request of the City
  • In recognition of 100 years of service and support to the city and beyond and in our honour, City of Kitchener is to name newly renovated Duke Street elevation at City Hall – Rotary Plaza.
  • Part of the “city core”; open, accessible, environmentally friendly, consistent with objectives and goals of Rotary.
  • Approved by city council on December 13.
In the next 6 months (and beyond):
  • Provide additional information to members on city projects and develop details of signage for city projects.
  • Finalize funding for revitalized Victoria Park Band Stand.
  • Plan and conduct dedication ceremonies for city projects.
  • Complete 100th Anniversary Book.
  • Continue with anniversary topics in club meetings, hold special anniversary meeting.
  • Plan and hold anniversary celebrations.
In conclusion President Adrian asked members to consider the following two questions and to send him any comments suggestions you may have.
  • What excites you about what we have done and where we are going?
  • What else should we consider for the next 6 months?

Closing Remarks & Reminders

President Adrian reminded members that our next meeting will on January 10th and will be on Zoom. 
Jan 04, 2022 7:00 PM
ZOOM EVENING - presented by Adrian DeCoo and Hubert Singh - Followed by new member inductions
Jan 10, 2022 12:00 PM
ZOOM NOON - Speaker Series - Post Covid Trends - Evolving Financial Markets
Jan 17, 2022
Committee Meetings to be Scheduled by Committee Chairs
Jan 24, 2022 12:00 PM
ZOOM NOON - Our newest members introduce themselves
Jan 31, 2022 12:00 PM
ZOOM NOON - Update direct from Kenya
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