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Waterloo Museum
Conestoga Mall
550 King Street North
Waterloo, ON N2L 5W6

On March 27 Kitchener Rotary Will Experience Rock This Town

We will have a private tour of this intriguing exhibit at the Waterloo Museum.  We will learn about a forgotten time in the history of KW – when rock music drove the culture of the community.  The entrepreneurs who helped to create the local music scene in the 60’s and ‘70’s can inspire today’s music makers and audiences to recognize the value of live music as a critical part of our community’s cultural eco-system.  The exhibit builds on the documentary film released in March 2022, and enhances and adds to the film’s narrative.  Our tour guides will be Jennifer Huber and Betty-Anne Keller, the producer of the documentary.

The entrance fee for this event is being covered by the club's Program Committee but to help with organization we do ask that those intending to attend register by Friday, March 24.  This is a family friendly event and guests are welcome and should be registered as well.

For those that are interested, we will grab a bite at the Pickle Barrell afterwards.

For more information check out the Rock This Town description on the Waterloo Museum website.