Club Service
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Club Bulletin

Every Rotary Club should have a bulletin and the committee is charged with overseeing its regular publication on a weekly basis. A good bulletin mentions upcoming club programs, relates highlights of meetings, promotes fellowship, informs members about Rotary, and reports news of the club, its members, and Rotary in general.

Classification & Membership Development

This committee surveys the community and compiles a roster of all classifications, presents names to fill classifications, determines if proposed members meet requirements, ensures the club has a positive attitude to membership growth, sets realistic goals, formulates a growth plan, keeps club informed of progress and solicits members help in keeping committee informed about business transfers, new businesses being established, ensures members know their responsibility to propose new members who are service minded and can meet the financial obligations of membership, establishes a viable membership program

Membership Retention - Part of the Membership Committee

This committee gives high priority to retention of our existing membership. Contacts new members to see if they have any needs. Survey's older members as to satisfaction of club activities. Contacts members who have missed several meetings to re-affirm our commitment to our members.

Rotary Information and Club History

It is the duty of this committee to inform prospective members about the privileges and responsibilities of membership in a Rotary Club; keep members informed about the history, object, and activities of Rotary at all levels; and oversee the orientation of new members during their first year in the club. The committee should plan special programs that disseminate Rotary Information in January, Rotary awareness month. Another task is to stimulate reader interest in Rotary's official magazine - The Rotarian and our regional magazine among club members and non-Rotarians. Club History - Record the high points of each Rotary year, preparing a slide presentation for year-end of key club activities. Create a written summary of the year.

Meeting & Member Support includes:Fellowship/Greeting/House

Promote acquaintance and friendship among all our club members as well as guests and visiting Rotarians with special emphasis on New Members. Keep accurate attendance records and set up banners, podium and speaker gifts and administer Red to Blue Member button transition. Keep membership aware of the highs and lows in the personal lives of our membership. Encourage visitation by both committee and club members where appropriate and arrange gifts for both good news and bad news. Inform the club of any present or past member, or of immediate family members who have deceased and arrange for appropriate tribute.

Meeting & Member Support Includes: Attendance

It is the duty of this committee to acquaint club members with attendance requirements, study the causes of poor attendance, urge members to attend club, district and international meetings as well as make up missed meetings at other clubs.

Meeting & Member Support includes: Sergeant At Arms

A key function at weekly meetings. Keeps track of visiting Rotarians and guests and introduces them from the podium. Goal is to make everyone feel welcome and part of our meetings.


It is the committee's job to prepare and arrange programs for regular and special meetings of the club and to design and balance these programs so that they represent the four Avenues of Service. Work closely with club officers and other committee chairpersons. Objectives are to have interesting club programs ready as scheduled; to have emergency programs ready in case a speaker fails to appear; to see that a proper balance on all aspects of Rotary is maintained in the program schedule; and to make certain that the programs are at all times in keeping with the dignity of Rotary.

Sports and Social

Plan a series of events for membership and their spouses/guests outside of our regular meetings including such things as plays, wine tasting, ski trips and rotating dinners.