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May 16, 2022

Meeting Recording

A recording of Today’s Meeting can be found here.

President's Comments

President Adrian welcome everyone to the meeting in this, the 45th week of our 100th year!

Visiting Rotarians

Elena Shpinel, RC of Moscow International


Oksana Tereshchenko, guest of Lumi Mironescu
Victor Folliott, guest of Adrian DeCoo
Tara Bedard, guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Tracey Hare-Connell, past president and guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Steph Schreuders, guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Nora Whiiington, guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Ian McLean, guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Brittney Emslie, guest speaker from KW Immigration Partnerships
Ernest Osei, KW Immigration Partnerships

Happy Jar

Louise Gardiner is happy to have celebrated husband Graham’s birthday this past weekend with grandkids on hand.  She is also delighted that they will be heading off to Cancun on Wednesday for a vacation.
Carl Zehr is happy to also be travelling as he and wife Sandy are off to Iceland on Saturday.
Dave Smith was very happy that he, and wife Catharine will be celebrating their 51st wedding anniversary on May 22.
Tracey Hare-Connell is pleased that the KW Integration Partnership has been invited to speak to the club and that she is back at a Rotary meeting again!
Shawky Fahel is happy that another event in support of the new Foundation for Palestine Studies and the University of Waterloo will be happening on May 24.

Club Announcements

Committee Selection for Next Year
President Adrian is in the process of setting up our committees for next year and has sent all members survey.  Members who have not yet responded are asked to do so. You can respond to his email, or contact him directly.
100th Anniversary Rotary Clothing
Time is running out to order your 100th anniversary clothing!  Look great as you help to celebrate our centennial year!  See the link on our website or go here:
Upcoming Events – Registration Required
Several exciting in-person events are coming up for which registration is required.
On May 30 we will be having a presentation and tour of the new Waterloo Region Airport Expansions.  This is an evening event from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. Click here for details - Airport Tour 
On June 6 our regular noon meeting will be at the rare Charitable Resource Reserve where we will enjoy a gourmet boxed lunch, presentation and trail walk. Click here for details - rare Tour 
Details are also on our website: Events Calendar –>Events List, or respond to the email invitations that are sent.
Catch The Ace
Our weekly winner of Catch the Ace was Noha K. from Ottawa.  Noha picked card #1, revealing the Queen of Clubs and won the weekly prize of $356.  It's time to get your tickets for the next draw!
When you buy tickets you have a chance to win the weekly prize and if your card is the Ace of Spades you will also win the Progressive Prize of over $11,000.  The next weekly draw is on Thursday May 19th.  The deadline to get your tickets as always is Wednesday at Midnight.  Don't forget that you have to purchase a ticket the week of the draw to qualify for both the weekly and progressive jackpot!
When you play Catch the Ace not only do you have a chance to win great prizes but you also win by knowing that the net proceeds will be going to KidsAbility.  When you drive by KidsAbility this month, check out the Catch the Ace sign.  
KidsAbility Sensory Garden 5 Club Maintenance Project
Our next hands-on, community event – our ongoing maintenance of the Sensory Garden at KidsAbility, together with Rotarians from all 5 KW clubs, is scheduled for Saturday, June 18th.  Mark the date and stay tuned for more details.

Program Highlights

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Our program today was a presentation from members of the Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership (IP) entitled - What’s happening with K-W Region immigration?  Our guests were introduced by Tasreen Charania.
Tara BedardWe have with us Tara BedardTara works with The Regional Municipality of Waterloo as Executive Director of the Waterloo Region Immigration Partnership. There, she leads regional learning, planning and action on immigration among a collaboration of over 110 residents and community service, business, post-secondary and municipal partner organizations.  Previously, she was a senior leader responsible for research, policy development and communications with a European public interest law organization, working closely with United Nations, European Union and Council of Europe institutions as well as national governments to advance social policy.  She has extensive experience in social research, policy analysis and development, government relations, and community development and engagement.
Tracey Hare Connell
Joining Tara, we have Tracey Hare Connell, a former member and past president of our club.  Tracy is the Current Chair of the Immigration Partnership Council.  I will let Tracy share a little bit more about herself with us as she speaks.
We also have with us volunteer Committee Chairs Brittney Emslie, Ian McLean and Stephanie Schreuders.
They chair the committees responsible for the three key pillars of the Immigration Partnership’s work which are immigrant Belonging, Working and Settlement.  Brittney chairs the Committee on Belonging, Ian, who I think some of us may recognize from the chamber, chairs the committee on Working, and Stephanie chairs the committee on Settlement.  I would also like to invite Brittney, Ian and Stephanie to share a bit more about themselves as they speak.
Building Community Through Immigration
The KW Immigration Partnership works together to create the conditions for immigrants to succeed and help build a welcoming, dynamic community. They achieve this through leadership, collaboration, research, engagement, education and advocacy.
The Immigration Partnership Council champions the Partnership's work in the community, enabling system and strategic planning, advocating and overseeing governance.  It fosters shared leadership for collective action in Waterloo Region and beyond, and amplifies the work of the Steering Groups which form the three pillars of the partnership: Settlement, Working and Belonging.  The partnership comprises 16 different groups within the Region.
The Settle Steering Group works together to support the community integration of immigrants by addressing transitional hurdles faced by some when arriving in Waterloo Region.  They provide advocacy and connections to agencies that support immigrants in areas such as housing, learning English, health care, temporary employment and mental health care. 
The Work Steering Group works together to maximize the economic contributions of immigrants by equipping employers with resources to hire and retain immigrant talent and to address the challenges of some immigrants to finding meaningful employment or starting a business.  Immigration is critical to our economic growth and development and is business imperative.  Helping immigrates find permanent employment not only helps them but provides workers desperately needed in our Region.
The Belong Steering Group works together to unleash the vibrant and diverse community contributions of immigrants by addressing long-term challenges to developing a strong sense of belonging in Waterloo Region.  A recent survey done by the IP indicated that over ¼ of the 1,500 respondents have experienced discrimination or feelings of being treated unfairly.  To help deal with this the IP run Multicultural Connection events.  They have also developed a public awareness / anti-racism campaign with signs that say We All Belong – Take Action Against Hate.  A set of signs will be available this June.  To learn more go to:
The Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation (KWCF) and Cambridge & North Dumfries Community Foundation (CNDCF) activated the Immigration Partnership Fund for Immigrant and Refugee Initiatives to receive donations to support refugees and Ukrainians families to settle in the region.  For more iInformation got o:
To make a donation go here:

Closing Remarks & Reminders

President Adrian reminded members to sign up to attend the tour of the Region of Waterloo airport on Monday May 30th at 4:30. Three new members will also be inducted at this upcoming in person meeting. 
Jun 13, 2022 12:00 PM
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